Change of location after setup

Hello, I am expected to have my RS1D delivered today, but will not be at its final location for another week or so. I would really like to start detecting ASAP (tonight) and wondered if its possible to change the location after the initial setup or would I have to reregister my RS when I get it to the new location? Or leave the setup of the uploads until after the I have moved it? Think that makes sense?

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G’Day brightskyobservatory,

When you set up you shake, you will enter the latitude, longitude and elevation of the position. When you move it, you need to change these to the new figures. It’s easy to do, so I would suggest you just do it. ;o)

Each change in position results in a new entry in the instrument response (and metadata) called an epoch, so when looking at data the correct epoch (and location, etc) is selected to suit the time of the recording.



Hello Andrew,

Firstly, I hope your new Shake will arrive on time today so you’ll have the whole weekend to start exploring what it can detect!

Secondly, yes, as sheeny has said, you can update the geographical coordinates of the Shake location as many times as you want. To do so, you have to go to Settings (gear icon high on the left), then update with the new location via either the map or coordinates, and then click Save and Restart at the bottom of the page. Just that, and you’ll be set.

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Thanks Al, I found this info in the manual, I must have skipped over it when I was going through the setups. Its all running now under R54E6 Currently sitting inside my home shed. Already picking up tons of cars driving by and will probably pick up me doing some concreting later :smiley: Now to work out how to incorporate it into my webpage etc… Thanks for the infor, at least I know its that simple.



Thanks mate, very easy to by the looks. Does the station code change with the location change too?



Hello Andrew, no problem at all!

No, the only way to change the name of the station is to change the green Pi board. You can check how Shakes get their names here: Raspberry Shake Station Naming Convention

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