Cellular modem recommendation?

Hi Shakers,

I am deploying RS and RB instruments at Kennedy Space Center and I have no experience with cellular telemetry.

I’m wondering if anybody recommends a particular (low power) cellular modem?
The only cellular service that works reasonable well there is AT&T (GSM).

I did have a RS there for a few months in 2018. My setup was simple. A 60-W solar panel feeding into a pelican case that contained a Genasun 12 V solar regulator charging a LiFePO4 20-Ah battery. Then a 12-V to 5-V DC converter powering the RS. It worked fine.

I would plan to do the same again, but connect a cellular modem to the RS ethernet or USB socket. Could something like this work:
NETGEAR Beam 340U 4G LTE AirCard USB Mobile Broadband Modem (AT&T)

Or would I need something more like this:
Sierra Wireless AirLink Raven RV50 Industrial LTE Gateway with Ethernet/Serial/USB/GPS



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Hi Glenn,

Your question interests me too. the Raven model seems to meet the needs, but seems a bit expensive.


HI Glenn:

This might be of interest too: https://manual.raspberryshake.org/gprs.html?highlight=modem


The easiest solution would be a non-USB one. Something with an independent power source that you just pop a SIM into and connect an Ethernet cable from the Shake to the modem. Then you will not have to install any software on the Shake itself and the comms will be completely transparent to the Shake.


I have used a Huawei E7753 on my remote system with a Chinese antenna

the second gave me better results, connects to +/- 10 miles, the RPI connected by wifi, recently changed for a Mikrotik SXT-LTE-KIT MIKROTIK 3G, this equipment is perfect and if you can put about US $ 120 is what I recommend.
I have connected ADS-B equipment, Weather station, and RShake (which I recently removed to repair).




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