Cellphone app - strange result

The Earthquake in New Jersey (USA) today was easily visible even here in Oregon:

However, when I look at it on the app (Android) this is what I see:

It is 15 seconds late …


Hello Philip, thank you for this notification.

Indeed, I was able to replicate what you see on my App by adding your station as a favorite. And it’s really unusual, for sure.

Have you noticed if other (probably easier to verify with nearby events) earthquakes have shown the same delay, or was this an isolated event?

Nonetheless, I’ll put a note to both our server and app teams so that they can crosscheck and find what could be causing this difference.

Thanks again!

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There haven’t been any suitable events to check.
I will let you know (good or bad) when there is one.


Thank you, Philip. I cross-checked the times between what the App is displaying and their original sources and could not find discrepancies, so the issue must be somewhere else.

I’ll also keep an eye on my Shake if I see something similar for events I can detect.