Caught a quake this morning

We are almost done testing the new open-source UDP client software, and I thought I’d share this: a plot from a quake nearby in Panama this morning. I was still sleeping, so I’m very happy to report that this image was saved automatically :smiley:


It also caught this one from yesterday:

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When it will be available?


It should only be a few days until we finish up testing. We will release it on PyPI and GitHub independently of version 0.16 of the Shake software, but we will also include it as a download from the web front end when version 0.16 is released.

Speaking of…here’s one that came in right after I typed that response…

Seriously can’t wait for you guys to start using this software. It’s a lot of fun.

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Hi Ian, great news. It looks brilliant. I even can not wait until release.