CASA Systems

Is CASA Systems the RS3D board on top of Pi?
Shows up as a device on my router when I connect the Pi.

Hello yellowfin1,

The question was a bit unclear, but from what I was able to find online, it seems that CASA Systems is a company that provides support for 5G networks, and a 4 model B Raspberry Pi board has indeed 5G support.

If you have that board installed on your RS3D, then try to turn the WiFi off and see if it goes away. If now, please reformulate your question so that we can try to help you more.

Thank you.

It would be clear if you could see my routers list of devices.
When I am able to get the router to see the Shake it also shows Casa Systems as a separate device.
So, connect Shake to network = Pi And Casa Systems. That is why I asked if Casa Systems was who made the Shake hat for the Pi.
I have some pressing issues this morning that take precedence over Shake project but will get back to it this afternoon. I have tech support for my network and am going to walk through my router configuration.
I do have a question though.
In your documentation it says to not use the 3B Pi’s onboard wifi as it is problematic but for users who own Pi3 they are using that problematic wifi to access rs.local. Are you saying the onboard wifi is problematic across the board or don’t use it to transmit data? I would think that if the Pi 3 wifi is introducing noise to the Shake data its going to do that 100% of the time.

Right now I am in process of turning off onboard wifi to use dongle instead to rule that issue out on Pi 4.

To answer your question about the WiFi, yes, the recommendation is not to use the included WiFi of the Pi boards since the antenna’s proximity to our circuitry can induce unwanted spikes in the recorded seismic signal.

A dongle is what we recommend if a LAN cable cannot be used as a connection, as it creates more distance between the Shake hardware and the WiFi antenna and minimizes spike appearance.

I don’t fully understand this part of the sentence however.

but for users who own Pi3 they are using that problematic wifi to access rs.local.

For example, all my Shakes bar one are with Pi3, and I am not using the WiFi to access rs.local/ since they are all connected via LAN cable. If a user is connecting to rs.local/ via WiFi, then in means that this user has activated the onboard WiFi of the the 3B, and this is not recommended by us. If, instead, the user has equipped a dongle, as written above, then there should be little to no issues at all.