Captured a mag 4.4 epicenter was 44 miles away

I just captured a 4.4 quake with the epicenter 44 miles from me. What is really amazing is I saw it as it happened on the Station View map. I just happened to be looking at the map Station View: Raspberry Shake Network & EQ Activity Map and all of sudden, every station on the map turned red (>60) including mine. I’m going “What the heck is this?” and then I got the notification that we had an earthquake. It was pretty amazing to watch. Just had another one, a 3.2, this makes the third one in the last few hours, probably aftershocks.

Edit: Forgot the link to the quake



Definitely a clear trace, both in waveform and spectrogram view!

This is why we continue to affirm that station density matters, and quite a lot, as events can be detected by (simply) looking at a map. And, the more stations are in a region, the more precise detections will be.

Thank you for posting this, harry!

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