Can't see on Shakenet AM.RF794.00.EHZ

I have just set up my R.S., rs.local is working (what is Stand Alone?), I can see in Station View (btw, slightly wrong location, but I can’t correct it there) and do not see it in the ShakeNet view (should be between Charlotte, NC and Knoxville, TN). I have downloaded the log file, but I can’t see how to attach to this email!, wait . RSH.RF794.2021-02-07T16_23_32.logs.tar (90 KB) Got that (Wasn’t immediately obvious, :slight_smile: Do I have to come back to this forum to see answer or will it come to my email: Thanks

Hello zachallan, welcome to the community!

Thank you for the logs, from them, it doesn’t seem that there is anything wrong with the Shake. I can see it streaming live both on the ShakeApp and on SWARM.

Strangely, it doesn’t appear on StationView, so I will alert the team to do a couple of checks and resolve this issue.

Thanks for your patience.

Hello again zachallan,

the bug has been solved, and your station is visible on StationView here: RS StationView


P.s. for more info on the stand-alone mode, here’s the page from our manual: Offline and stand-alone applications (like classroom demos) — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

Hi, :slight_smile: I’m struggling to learn how to use everything, and I appreciate your help. I have a couple of questions:
Let’s start with Swarm. This is the first time I’ve used Terminal (though I’ve used Macs for years). I’m getting a "permission Denied with the last command, please see screenshot below. (I found the Swarm Manual just now - looks like they have newer versions for download - should I try one of those?) The issue is I can’t yet get Terminal to run SWARM. I’m running Mac OS 10.14.6 on a laptop with i7 Intel chip 1 TB SSD but a 2012 machine. Please see below the screen shot for next question
Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 11.13.28 AM.jpg

On the Helio I have no idea what I’m looking at but this is what I see. Is there a video or instructions that explain what this is and how to set it so that it provides some mor useful data? I have just changed the scale to maximum: 1.5 - please see below that screen shot for the next question -
Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 11.15.57 AM.jpg

Finally - in ShakeNet and Station View, is there a way to jump to zoom in on my device? ShakeNet in particular it’s hard to zoom in from the whole world to just my area with the zoom feature.

I know these are total newbie questions and I am trying to “RTFM”, I understand people who are more familiar with Linux probably have a much easier time of it. But I’m very much looking forward to becoming a contributing member of the Shake Community!!! Thanks,

Hello Allan,

Regarding SWARM, yes, I advise you to keep your version updated and download the latest one from their website, as you have found.

Try to run it as an administrator user, instead of a normal one, that could fix the missing permissions that your PC si warning you about.

Onto the Helicorder, this is how you visualize the waveforms from your Shake (one of the many ways), as it can be seen in this page on our manual: How to visualize the waveforms — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

A guide on how to read it can be googled fast here: How to Read Helicorder Records

If you use the direct link from your station, RS StationView you should be able to get a zoomed-in view. The cookies from your browser should also help, in case you want to keep the zoom level a bit higher, in some cases.

I’ll leave our general link for the manual here for you to explore: Quick Start Guide — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake


HI Allan.

In the directory where you have, try this command

chmod +x

This changes the file permissions to allow it to be executed, and may help.

Cheers … Neil

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THANK you! I shall try these things!

Hello, sorry for hijacking this thread, but I have a similar issue. My station is AM.RAC77, I can also see it everywhere other than the Station View… Does it take a day or so to pop up or is it also a bug/issue?

Hello Thorinair,

your station is now visible on StationView: RS StationView

As you correctly read, sometimes it can take up to 24/48h for a new Shake to appear, but it is now there.


Perfect, thank you! <3