Can't install SWARM on mac - Unable to access jarfile lib/swarm.jar

Hi -
I am trying to install SWARM on my mac but am receiving the following error when attempting to run the file:

Unable to access jarfile lib/swarm.jar

I am thinking that I need to be in the root directory but am unsure how to do this.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @gebert01—where did you download swarm from?

Directly from the Raspberry Shake interface.

Okay, and did you unzip all of the contents of the Swarm zip file to a folder? Can you attach a screenshot of the folder?

The file looks for a folder called lib on the same directory level that you run the command from, so if by chance you just unzipped the script and not the rest of the contents, you will run into this error.

Along those same lines, the other error you could be having is: you need to cd into the swarm folder prior to running the script. That might look like this:

# change directory into your swarm folder:
cd Downloads/swarm-3.0.0
# now run the script: