Can't connect with http://rs.local - seems to be ethernet connector?

I’m setting up a raspberryshake for the first time on a home network.
I can’t access the Shake using http://rs.local (Chrome strips off the last slash in http://rs.local/).
I’ve looked at similar problems in the forum.
These are the lights:
Pi board - red (solid), green (flashing intermittently, every ~2-5 seconds). So I assume the microSD card is OK.
Shake board - blue (solid).
Ethernet port - orange (solid) but NO GREEN at boot or later.
The Shake doesn’t show on Fing.
The ethernet cable is OK - tested on a laptop.
So what could the problem be?

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Per Google orange light is speed at 100mbs.
FWIW I have been chasing rabbits for 3 days with various issues on my new Shake. Spent a couple of hours yesterday sorting out router problems.
Right now I’m having issues with Chrome browser and Shake dropping connection.
I think but am a noobie with this Raspberry Pi application but in the manual it addresses the blue Shake light. LED Behavior.

Hello firasco, welcome to our community!

Thank you for your detailed report. The LED seem all right but the fact that there is no green light at the LAN port is very likely the cause of the issue, meaning that the Shake is not transmitting with your modem/router.

What I can recommend is to shut down everything, both Shake and modem/router. Then, turn on the modem/router and check that everything is working fine with your other devices connected to it (i.e., that you can connect and navigate the internet).

Now connect the Shake directly to the modem/router with the provided cable (or, if you have another CAT6 or superior cable, please feel free to try that one too) and check if the Shake gets assigned a proper IP address from the modem/router and is visible on its administrator panel, or maybe try again with Fing.

If the IP address is correctly assigned, then please access the modem/router admin panel again and check that all necessary ports are open. A complete list can be found here: Firewall issues? — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

Once all of this has been done, the Shake should be able to connect, but I’ll wait for your feedback before proceeding forward.

Thanks for the response. It was a DHCP problem. Once that was fixed, the Shake received its IP address and connected. All sorted and working. (Oddly, there is still no green light at the Ethernet port.)

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