Can't connect to the Server

We have 3 RS4D with the same issue: once they are up (with all lights correct), we get the error message “can’t connect to the server”. Same thing when connecting to rs.local or directly to the actual IP# of the RS. Same thing when using an different browser, a different computer, or a smartphone. But we can ssh into the RS via a laptop on the same network. Httpd is up and running. What may be happening?

kindly forward your log files so that we can have a look, anything else would just be guessing…

thanks in advance,


Thanks – here they are.log.tar (237.5 KB)

thanks for the logs.

it looks to me like your SD card is corrupted and the system is “stuck” trying to apply the most recent update. it is recommended you obtain a new SD card, download the most recent image to burn to the new card. complete instructions for doing this can be found here.



Ok, we’ll try that and report back, thank you. Not today though, as there are shootouts in the streets. Live from Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

oh my, stay safe… !!!

(don’t read those kinds of responses in a technical support forum much :astonished:)

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