Cant connect to server


can someone please help me. my device cannot connect to the server(Logs Attached).
and also while using RSUDP , it fails to retrieve data from Inventory FDSN Server(Screenshot Attached)

Response will be highly appreciated

RSH.R4F95.2024-02-28T04_20_54.logs.tar (3.6 MB)
RSH.REA68.2024-02-28T04_15_28.logs.tar (4.3 MB)

Hello waw0102,

Thank you for posting the logs of both Shakes. From them, it appears that there are mixed errors and network communication issues that could be causing your lack of connection. Could I please ask you to:

  1. shut down both Shakes and their modem/router
  2. disconnect the Shakes’ power and LAN cables
  3. start the modem/router again and wait for it to regain internet connection
  4. reconnect the Shakes’ power and LAN cables (try the LAN cable to a different port on the modem/router)
  5. turn the Shakes on again
  6. wait for two/three hours, download the new logs and send them here?

I would like to have freshly started Shake logs to compare with the logs you’ve just sent me.

Regarding RSUDP (answering here so that we can keep everything neat in a single topic), this is likely related to the server issues we have been experiencing (updates here: Live Data Issues).

To fix this, you could temporarily modify a line in the file, editing to

This will restore RSUDP capabilities of acquiring the station response file.

Thank you!

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Just wanted to say

To fix this, you could temporarily modify a line in the file, editing to



fixed the

2024-02-28 19:55:55 [get_inventory] Fetching inventory for station AM.RE8F4 from Raspberry Shake FDSN.
2024-02-28 19:55:56 [get_inventory] WARNING: No inventory found for RE8F4. Are you forwarding your Shake data?
2024-02-28 19:55:56 [get_inventory]          Deconvolution will only be available if data forwarding is on.
2024-02-28 19:55:56 [get_inventory]          Access the config page of the web front end for details.
2024-02-28 19:55:56 [get_inventory]          More info at

I’d been seeing but with the message

UserWarning: The StationXML file has version 1.2, ObsPy can read versions (1.0, 1.1). Proceed with caution.
  version, ", ".join(READABLE_VERSIONS)))
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Hello Hadders,

Yes, that is a warning that I remember also appearing on my system when I was still using an older ObsPy version.

I didn’t see any particular differences in the deconvolved trace(s), even with the warning present, so I think you can continue to use what you have now without problems. Otherwise, you can update the ObsPy module on your RSUDP installation to remove that warning, being aware that you’ll likely need to update other libraries (such as Matplotlib) too.

Or, you can plot simple counts instead of deconvolved units (such as nm/s or similar) and that warning will become meaningless.

Hello Stormchaser & Hadders,

I appreciate your response, However it didn’t work. Hoping to find a solution for this.

Hello waw, I’ve answered in the new topic you’ve created here: RSUDP Problem (FDSN Server) - #2 by Stormchaser