Cannot switch to an other event in EQ Locator

When more than one event is shown for my station I cannot switch back and forth between these events.
Kind reagards

Hello jheiler,

Could you please expand on the issue you have described? You cannot switch after you have located the epicenter (with the circles displayed on screen), or you cannot switch from the start, after selecting your station? Or something different?

Thank you for all the details you’ll be able to provide.

I see a list of events an highlight the first one, see Screenshot. It is no possible to switch to an other event.

Hello jheiler,

Using Chrome (Version 115.0.5790.110 (Official Build) (64-bit)) or Firefox (115.0.3 (64-bit)), and when one event is already selected, to choose another one, you can do the following:

  • click on a different event you want to switch to
  • click on a station to get the waveform for this different event

You can do the same process to switch back to the first selected. If this process is not working for you, please provide your browser type and version so that we can investigate more on what is happening.

Thank you.

This is also possible in Firefox. However, since I selected an event list for my station at the beginning, it would be nice if the intermediate step of selecting a station again could be omitted.


That’s a good idea jheiler; thanks for the prompt!

I will pass your suggestion to our software team, and they will see if that step can be removed (or, better, keeping the initially selected station as a constant) without breaking the current workflow.