Cannot change account email

I want to change my account email because I can no longer log in to my original email.
Today I tried to change my account email on Shakenet, but I did not receive the confirmation email.

Hello Akari,

can you send me, in private, the new email that you used?

Thank you.

Hello Akari,

Thank you for sending me the email in private. I reset your account, and you should have received (or should receive) the confirmation email.

If there are any other issues, please let me know.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t received the confirmation email, and I cannot log in to ShakeNet using the new email address.

Thanks for the feedback, this is quite strange.

I have opened a ticket for our database team, so that they will be able to check. I will get back to you as soon as I have news. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello Akari,

Our team has reset your account. Please go here Register ( and register again with the email you had in mind.

You should then receive the confirmation email in a short time (usually, in the first hour after the registration). If not, please let me know.

Thanks for your response,
but I cannot access this page, it shows “502 bad gateway”.

Hello Akari,

Can you try again now, or when you can? It should be working fine (I’ve just tried).

Thank you.

It said that my name has been taken, what should I do?

Hello Akari,

That is simply your username you can use to log in, you can choose another one that has already not been taken and proceed from there. You will be able to use the username or the email to log in ShakeNet, so any username would do.

Just remember to use the same email address to register as you used to configure your Raspberry Shake, otherwise the system will not recognize you properly.


Changing your e-mail can be done on the User Profile settings page, but seeing as you can no longer access your original e-mail this won’t be possible for you since the confirmation e-mail is sent to the original e-mail not the new one. This is done for security concerns.

Seeing as you can still login with your original account, you could delete your account ( on the User Profile page ) and then re-make it with your current username and new e-mail address.

Or if you’d like you can DM me here with your new desired e-mail and I will make the changes manually.