Can I use this device to monitor lorries shaking house


This is a great project, but I was hoping to use this product for a slightly different purpose than earthquakes… house shakes!

I live by a road where lorries shake the house, I was wondering if its possible to use the device for that?

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Hello bhc, and welcome to the community!

Absolutely, it’s definitely possible to use the Shake to monitor… house shakes caused by nearby road traffic!

Some of our users already do it, and you can see an example of a busy road in Manchester, UK, from this tweet:

I would recommend an RS1D model (RS1D | Vertical Motion Seismograph) or an RS3D (RS3D | Vertical & Lateral Motion Seismograph) if your budget is higher.

If you have any other questions, I remain available.

I did an analysis of this for my R00B9 device which is 50 m from the avenue: Deans Ave Traffic

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