Can I connect my Raspberry to a backup power system?

Hi, I have a battery backup Koblenz bran, I planned to connect my Raspberry here, but I don’t know if this is correct cause the kind of electronic dispositive
is different. The battery backup is used more to connect computers and others dispositives, and I don’t know if this can cause internal damages to my Raspberry.

Thanks for your suggestions

It is completely safe to connect your RShake to a computer UPS like this, assuming the right AC voltage is output ifor your RShake power supply (220 PS to a 220V UPS output). I do the same. The power consumption of the RShake is quite low, so it can last a good while.

Good luck.


Yes, as K2PI already stated, it is possible to connect your Shake to an UPS, many of our customers (in particular those who operate the instrument in the field), do that too!

Just make sure that the output of the UPS is constant, without power drops, otherwise you may experience random reboots, intermittent data capture/recording, and/or other issues.

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