Can I access "rs.local:5000" when rshake is connected via LAN and my laptop is on WiFi?

I don’t seem to manage to access rs.local:5000 even if we are on the same on network.

Edit: The LAN port on my raspberry pi 3 b+ is orange and blinking.

Have you tried finding the IP address with Fing and using that instead?

No I wasn’t able to. Is it possible to have my rshake connect to WiFi on first boot?

Are you on a school or university network? If so, probably not.

If you are at home and this is happening, I recommend having a peek inside your router’s configuration or routing table to see if it sees the Shake. If it doesn’t see it while it’s plugged into Ethernet, then I rather doubt that WiFi will work any better.

What is the status of the lights on the Shake? You should see the following:

  1. Pi board
    • red (solid)
    • green (flashing occasionally, every ~2-5 seconds)
  2. Shake board
    • blue (solid)
  3. Ethernet port
    • green (flashing repeatedly)
    • orange (solid)

However, if you are feeling adventurous, you may be able to follow a tutorial like this one to try and make WiFi work. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

on another note: please drop the port 5000, this is no longer necessary.

making the URL http://rs.local

alternatively, navigate to URL in a browser on a computer running on the same LAN as the shake and see if it comes up there.


I’m at home. I’ll take a look on my WiFi. Thanks!