Can continuous location data be logged when using an external GPS?

As part of an experiment I’m thinking about moving my BOOM around quite a bit (whilst running in ‘stand alone’ mode) so it would be really useful to have an accurate record of its exact location at any given time.

As I’ll be using an external GPS for the BOOMs timing I wondered if it could be an option to also log the GPS location data - is this possible?

Hello again!

Logging the GPS location to /opt/log is a good idea. This is not currently done but will be in a future release, but potentially still some months from now.

For now, I would recommend using a hand-held GPS device and noting the location.


Thanks Branden - I look forward to seeing that in a future release!


Please check the ChangeLog when v0.19 or v0.20 comes out :slight_smile: The GPS coordinates will also then be visible from rs.local’s summary page when you have a GPS antenna connected and the location has been locked.

Thank you for your support and have fun moving your RBOOM around!