Camp Davis RS in WY

The R2FF2 station has been relocated to Michigan’s Camp Davis field station near Jackson WY. It appears the first unit in WY.



WHAT AN IDIOT this writer is. Figures since he works for the NYTimes!

“Nobody is taking it seriously?” WHAT doe she suggest be done?



NYT clickbait. Too bad, as other challenges are imminent.

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hi guys,

so, 24 hours on and i’ve learned something i didn’t know before: that a super-volcanic explosion is immenent! :grin: (just kidding…)

rather, that the subject of Yellowstone has become a “click-bait red flag” in the world of geology, since the subject now draws the unsuspecting to a web-page in order to generate ad revenue. this is a shame and it was certainly not my intent to further this sorry state of capitalistic affairs. (a good twitter thread illustrating the full breadth of what this has become here.)

my apologies for falling into this naive trap, i typically don’t keep up with click-bait trends (and, full disclosure, i own no stock in the NYTimes!).

and since i think deleting a post is a cop-out, i will let it stand for anyone happening upon this in the future who could do with a bit of click-bait education, i am now better informed, and this is never a bad thing.