Camera to remove background noise

So I have had my shake set up for about a week. I get fairly reliable results. I have not dug too deep into an understanding of my local movements yet. I was wondering if someone has ever looked into setting a camera up to record local traffic so that vehicle traffic can be correlated to ground movements to remove as much local background as possible. I live in a rural area. The one day I counted spikes and figured I had about 200 cars a day drive by. Thank you
Barrett Epp

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Hello Barrett,

Yes, everything appears very good from the screenshot you have posted. Some users in Manchester, UK, have started recording and correlating car/truck transits to what the Shake was seeing:

But I think that they were doing this manually. You could reach to them and see if they have a ready-to-use solution!

Or, maybe a standard cam with continuous recording (even a car dashcam with at least 24h recording capacity) could be of help. With more budget, a camera with motion sensor that could be installed in such a way to document cars moving close to your location.

I think that there are many options available online about this.