Caltech Earthquake Fellow Program 2023: issues with login

Hello, we are the teachers at Caltech Seismological Lab, leading some high school Earthquake fellows this year on using Raspberry Shake to do some summer projects.

Today, we assembled several Shake devices from you and configured them with Ethernet. Most of the students are working without problems.

But there are two students who have account login issues. They registered their emails on ShakeNet, they got the confirmation email in their inbox. But they can’t log in to the ShakeNet page.

The login page complains about the email/username and password do not match. One student also has an issue with just clicking the “Login” button in the top right corner. Once we click it, it just refreshes the page and did not bring us to the login page.

I cannot replicate the “Login” button issue on my personal laptop, my laptop works without this button issue. So I let the two students try to log in on my laptop with their account info. One of them get her account logged in on my laptop, but not the other.

I wonder, should I let them try more and contact you directly since this is about account privacy issue?

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Hello ykliu, we’re always happy to hear from teachers and students!

First, thank you for your interest and support, and we hope that your students will enjoy working with our Shakes too!

I’ve tried to replicate the “Login” issue on all my devices (both mobile and PC) but was unable to, so it must be something local that is causing it. From what I understand, at this point, only one of your students is unable to access the ShakeNet portal. Is this correct?

If you haven’t already, can you please try via incognito/private mode/window to see if, in this way, the student is able to log in? Also, please try erasing all cookies and locally saved browser files and try again.

If the login issue is still present, you (if you have the authorization to ask on behalf of the student) or the student can send an email to support [at] raspberryshake [dot] org, and we can proceed there with complete privacy.

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Hi @Stormchaser,

Thanks for the quick response. You are right, one of the students has the “Login” issue. We will try the incognito mode and let you know. Thanks!