Calibration stability, or, how long can an instrument response file be used for?

I’ve created my own analysis pipeline using obspy for my shake data. I’m using a downloaded copy of the instrument response file in XML format to extract displacement values. The instrument response file appears to be available relatively soon from the servers after connecting a new RS3D/4D to the network. I did notice however that every so often there was a problem with the download at which point the obspy call to retrieve the instrument response fails.

To counter this I have simply downloaded the response files for my shakes and am using them “offline”, i.e. simply loading them in obspy like so:

    inv = obspy.read_inventory("response_filename.xml")

The question now beckons how long these can reasonably be used for? I’ve been running the oldest shake I have for about 3 weeks now, always with the same response file, and the displacement data I am getting looks reasonable.

Would @Stormchaser or @branden have any guidance on this?



hi balthasar,

the response files, in terms of the values used to deconvolve the data, do not change over time. the only thing which can change over time are any meta-data values related to going off-line and / or its location, neither of which have an effect on removing the instrument response from the signal.


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