Calculating magnitude

Hi everyone,

I typically get small tremors quite close to where I am and these are never reported due to their small magnitude and they aren’t usually felt as well so I’m guessing they’d be around a magnitude 3 or lower. I’ve been using the coda picks on swarm to get a rough magnitude.
Unfortunately, my region only has one raspberry shake which is mine so I’m only limited to using the data from my station which I know will give me a very estimate.
My questions are:

  • is using coda pick for magnitude a bit more accurate for local events as opposed to regional events as small local events seem to be more compact making it easier to place the end coda whereas regional tremors seem to have an extended low frequency which makes it hard to place the end coda.
  • what is the overall accuracy of this estimate magnitude. In the screenshot I posted below I have the Mc at 2.3 which I believe must be about right which is why these tremors aren’t being felt even though they are quite close to me
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