Brand new RS4D won't boot


I bought a brand new RS4D unit and attempted to boot it up fresh out of the box using the power supply that was provided. I couldn’t access the rs.local webpage, and no unit appeared when using Fing to scan network devices.

After reading other forum posts it seems there should be a blinking green LED, which is not present on my unit at any point while or after booting, not even a blip. There is a solid red LED on the lower board and a solid blue LED on the top board. This makes me think the unit is faulty. Is there anything else I should try?

Thanks in advance,

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Hello Tim, and welcome to our community!

I’m sorry to hear about this issue with a 4D out of the box, but thank you for reaching up to us and taking the time to describe the issue.

From what I can see from your feedback, it is possible that for some reason the software in the microSD card is not booting properly, as there are no green lights on the lower board (the Raspberry Pi one).

The first thing you can try is to extract the microSD card and then re-insert it in its dedicated slot, as the transit movement could have un-seated it from the working position.

If this doesn’t work either, then the fastest way to solve this would be a fresh microSD re-burn to remove possible issues caused by file corruption. I will leave the burning instructions here for your convenience:

Once done, the Shake should be able to boot up with no issues. But, if there are any other problems, or further guidance is needed, I remain available.

Thanks for your help. It seems the provided SD card was appropriately formatted, but empty. Once I copied the latest image to the card everything is working correctly.


Hello Tim,

Thanks for the additional feedback, and I’m glad that the issue was solved with the Shake now working.

I will make a note to our assembly team, and again apologize for the inconvenience.

Enjoy your new Shake!