Boom in New Hampshire

It seems two RB stations may have picked up this event.

see: Mystery Boom And Unexplained Shakes Freak Out People In New Hampshire | HuffPost Impact

too far away for me to “hear” …



Me too - Sutton Mills, RB3C2. I didn’t hear it, but my RSB did. Just the infrasound data:

Reports of multiple “explosions” and the pulses on the pressure trace suggest a meteor that broke up and each fragment had its own sonic boom.


BTW, that Huffington Post article is awful. I posted my images on WMUR’s “u-local” FB last night where several people suggested meteor and then on my own FB page this AM.

HuffPo said “anything from an earthquake to a gender reveal gone wrong” u-local people suggested gender reveal because of an event with much tannerite at a NH quarry last spring.

My FB page is Redirecting...

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OK - with three stations at known locations, assuming clock times are good, a person with the math skills should be able to locate the point where each explosion happened, using multilateration. I suppose one would need to consider that the location is perhaps 30-50 km above ground but a 2D approximation would be a good start.

I found a bare bones of a program here (intended for radio, but would work with sound):

Does anyone have a program that is plug-and-play for doing this sort of calculation?

Now that we are starting to get a network of RB’s, this should be a web app #Branden



This was a very intriguing detective work by you all! Great!

Yes, a multilateration calculator based on triangulation sounds quite an interesting endeavour. I will pass the suggestion to our software development team, and they’ll put it on their list.

There is a nice article on triangulation on the GIS Wiki: Triangulation - GIS Wiki | The GIS Encyclopedia, and also a similar one on the normal Wiki: Triangulation (surveying) - Wikipedia if they can be of help to anyone who wants to try their hand at this!

Looks like the satellite saw it

Did a meteor explode over New Hampshire? That may explain the boom | The Seattle Times

So we know what answer the analysis of RBoom data should provide :wink:

A similar detection of a daytime bolide at the Virginia/West Virginia border happened a couple of weeks ago.