Boom Assembly - Sensor Soldered Correctly?


just received my BOOM today and having some issues assembling the device.
On the instruction video the tube connectors are facing outwards from the board.

On my board the tube connectors are facing inwards, so I see no way how I can route the tubes… (See attached picture), can it be that my sensor is soldered incorrectly ?

Any advice/ suggestions ?


The RS Boom you received is the latest version (and we haven’t updated the assembly video yet)
I am attaching photos that can help you to assemble the RSBoom.
You just have to pay particular attention in the path of the two pipes, that they do not suffer tight angles that could block the passage of air.
Any other questions we are at your disposal.


Hello MarcelR, welcome to the community!

Our @Albertof007 has provided excellent views, thank you!

If you need anything else, we remain available to assist.

Thanks for the clear pictures ! It takes some delicate maneuvering to get the tubes in place, but I got it fixed. Still wondering about the tube getting a bit pinched in the final end close to where it enters the sensor and if this will influence measurement or not. But starting up and connecting to start measuring at this very moment.