Blank Black Screen and also Data Misalignment

A couple of points I’ve noticed with the ShakeNet app.

Android version: 13
ShakeNet App Version: 1.4.12

  1. Often when I start the app there is a blank black screen. To start with I was killing the app: ‘Settings → Apps → ShakeNet → Force stop’ but I’ve now noticed if I leave it for as much as thirty seconds it usually springs into life. This is most noticeable when I’ve left it in the MY SHAKE screen previously. Seems it’s collecting information ready to be display but gives the illusion the app isn’t working. Sometimes when it’s been left on the EVENTS screen previously it does the same but only for a second or two.

  2. The ‘MY SHAKE → 24-hr Plot’ in the app seems to be misaligned. As my RSBOOM had only gone online recently there was obviously a period before I switched it where there was no data to show. However if I select a region before there was data (empty region) it would show but if I selected a region where there was data it wouldn’t show! Hopefully the screengrabs show better what I’m trying to describe.


Hello Hadders,

Thank you for your feedback regarding our ShakeNet App!

Could you also provide the maker and model of the mobile device you are using? So that we can try to replicate this issue on precisely the same equipment.

In the meanwhile, I will try to replicate the issue on my devices and see what I can discern from that.

Thanks Stormchaser - Google Pixel 5.

Perfect, thank you Hadders.

I will open a ticket and keep you posted on our App team progress when they’ll review the case.

I’ve discovered if I always make sure to collapse (rather than leave expanded) all stations in “MY SHAKE”, particularly under “MY STATIONS” before moving away from the app then it always starts up immediately without a blank black screen.


Thank you for the further feedback Hadders!

I personally don’t have a Pixel phone to reproduce this issue, but I’ll pass it along to our App team so that they can take it into account.

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