Black symbol on shakenet map...DNS issue?

Our 4D shake is up and running (AM.RB00C) behind a university network, but on shakenet our symbol is black (even though I see the stream and plots just fine). I see repeated in my postboot log the following:

2022 178 16:26:13: Unable to resolve hostname ‘’, most likely no DNS server available

Can someone confirm that what might solve this is the following instruction to manually modify DNS?

Hello jsbenner, welcome to our community.

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. If you can, could you please attach the full log files package in your next answer? I would like to check other parameters that could be causing this.

In any case, I am seeing that the station is transmitting data in a stable way, with a constant live stream, which is definitely good news.

Thanks for your reply @Stormchaser . I have attached the log files package here. FYI, I did manually add the DNS IPs used on our network. Don’t think that helped this particular issue. Also, I have noticed that to connect to the shake via its assigned IP, I must be on our VPN…so that may be a factor as well.RSH.RB00C.2022-06-30T15_48_28.logs.tar (1.4 MB)

Hello jsbenner,

Thank you for attaching the logs to your answer. From them, everything seems to be all right, and I cannot (as of now) see a reason why the Shake continues to appear black, especially with the data flowing.

I have written to my colleagues in the software team, explaining the situation, and we are cross-checking the info we have. I will update you (hopefully soon) with what we have found.

Thank you for your patience in this.