BIG NEWS: The ShakeNet Mobile App on Android is here!

Hi Shakers!

The ShakeNet Android mobile app is now live and available for download! (iOS is coming soon.)

Now you can watch in real-time as earthquakes roll in on your own Raspberry Shake or from others on the network which you can easily follow within the app!

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Download the app :arrow_right: Google Play Store

Happy Shaking on your phone!


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I like it. But the “stations” button is not producing any live data trace for me.

And there may be something odd in the quake database. It is showing M6.0 in Maine a couple days ago - I don’t think that happened.

It also

The list of earthquakes is screwed up.
The sequence goes:
Mag 2.1 Washington 2020-05-12 12:38
Mag 4.7 W Mediterranean Sea 2020-05-13 09:09

So there’s a gap of about 21 hours when no EQs occurred, apparently.
Yet, during that time, a Mag 6.6 occurred at the Santa Cruz Islands.

Also, who wants to know about the dozens of Mag 2 EQs in California?
There seems to be no way to turn these off.

I’m afraid it’s too flaky for me to be bothered with.
I’ll continue to use EQInfo.

This is a bug that will be fixed soon, thank you for reporting.

Another bug, this time I think due to a connection to a dummy quake database. Should be fixed soon if not already.

That’s actually not a bug with the app but with an internal database connection which has now been restored.

We are working on creating a filtering system similar to the one in EQInfo.

Thank you all for your patience, first releases always have some issues to iron out.

I have a not-so-old samsung tablet running marshmallow.
It won’t download and says my device is incompatible.
Hopefully you can fix that?

Hi @TCP491016, the app is compatible with Android version 7.0+, which is unfortunately the version number just after marshmallow (v6.x). If you are able to update the device to at least 7.0, the app should install and run just fine.

Sometimes manufacturers provide over-the-air updates to the android subsystem, but sometimes they do not, so it’s not all that surprising that you still have version 6. It’s not the end of the world if they do not, however, it may just require some work on your part. Searching for “Android 7 update [your tablet model]” should give you some guides on how to do this.

We don’t plan to support versions before 7, so if you are averse to updates, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Have installed the App and understand that it is BETA and will have bugs to fix.

I am wondering the significance of the color codes for the events listed? Also, is the waveform and the spectral display for the USER’S device; if not, whose display is it?

Good start, keep up the good work. I am also enjoying EQinfo app, which is similar.

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Hi Jerry, the color codes are a representation of the hypocenter depth. I think these ranges are what we went with:

Red: 0-50 km
Orange: 50-100 km
Yellow: 100-250 km
Green: 250-600 km
Blue: 600+ km

Thank you, but what about the waveform source question, please.

OK, so I tried this on my wife’s SM-T80 Samsung tablet running Oreo 8.0.1. Still says it is incompatible.

should have said: SM-T580

Hi Jerry, assuming you are talking about the event view, the waveform and spectrogram source station is listed just above the map like so:

I am not sure why this is, I will ask our developer. Thanks for your patience.

Very good. Thank you.

I’ll keep an eye in that feature to see if is mine of someone else.


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