Battery UPS - LiFePO4wered/Pi+ with Shake problems

Hi, Does anyone within the community operate a LiFePO4wered/Pi+, Battery UPS board in conjunction with a Raspberry Shake?
Having recently tried to install one on a RS Pi 3B+, the install returned errors while building the binaries and not surprisingly, didn’t work once installed. I am really looking for someone who can confirm that this product will work on the RS configured SD card and hardware. I was unable to use the product CLI because the RS system would not start due to being unable to discover the instrument as it booted and then shut down.
I recovered the Shake by removing the Battery UPS hardware and re-imaged the SD card so I’m back to square one.
Thanks Peter

I don’t have one, but feel like you should have some reply :). My only advice is that perhaps the Shake and this board both use the same signal lines on the i2c bus, keeping your shake from seeing the Pi.

Personally, I would he more concerned with another piece of electronics in the pi enclosure, with potential for interference with the geophone, which is very sensitive to magnetic fields of any type.

Perhaps you can consider an outboard LiFePo cell from Bioenno or another source? You will have to convert it to 5V but it will work as well or better. Or, you can getbone of the many types of so-called “solar generators” out there, and use them to plug into.

Good luck,


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Hi Bob,
Thanks for the reply and yes, an i2c bus conflict is quite possible but there are some options to avoid this, if you know where the conflicts exist. As for the additional noise generated by a power supply management system bolted between the RPi and the Shake board, that remains to be seen. There’s only one way to find out. My Shakes are all RJAMs using either active or passive seismometers/accelerometers so if the noise is significant, the UPS goes out the window and I may be back to 12V SLA/GEL lead-acid solutions for longevity.
I haven’t seen the Bioenno equipment but will look into it. Thanks for the tip and I’ll post any progress reports as they become coherent.