Bat file not executing

I have a new windows 10 computer. When I downloaded swarn, any version, from Raspberry Shake, the bat file did not execute. No clue what is going on.
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Hello Dick,

Have you tried the latest version available from the USGS website here?

Also, sometimes the .bat files may not start (or have an unstable behaviour) due to a corrupted or missing Java package in the computer. In such cases, it is recommended to reinstall everything from scratch. Here’s the download link:

I’m embarrassed to say, the computer did not have Java installed. When I downloaded and installed it, the bat file worked like a charm. Thanks for the help.
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No problem at all Dick, I am here for that too.

And don’t feel embarrassed, it happened to me a couple of months ago: the day before, everything was perfect, the day after… Java got uninstalled by its own will and I lost a couple of hours trying to find the problem, before discovering that Java disappeared.