Background infrasound noise and vibrations

Hi, I’ve had my RS&Boom for a few days now and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. However, I notice that there is some background noise in the data from both sensors.

Below is the geophone data:

And below is the infrasound:

These snapshots were taken this morning when it was relatively quiet with no road traffic.

My RS&Boom is located indoors towards the front of the house, 1st floor. It’s placed on a tile floor with no other fastenings.

A few questions:

  1. Is this “normal”?
  2. Would you be able to “feel” these vibrations/soundwaves?


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Hello J, welcome to our community!

Yes, such noise can be a normal thing for some installations. For example, I have a test Shake near some computers and there is a constant disturbance around 40Hz. That one can be heard by humans since it’s produced by the fans of the laptop itself.

Noise that is instead around and below 20Hz cannot be heard by the human ear, so the more intense signals on your spectrograms around 10Hz will remain inaudible.