B - One of my stations has been offline for a year but is still listed

R06AC is a station that went offline more than a year ago after being flooded. I realize the station list is generated from metadata and doesn’t take downtime into account, but it seems like there should be a procedure in place to remove defunct/depreciated station names from the database.

Thus is a problem for me as well, I have been managing several rshake systems and trying them out in a variety of raspberry pi’s as a consequence I have more than 10mstations listed on my dashboard (I cannot scroll past the 10th tab so don’t know precisely how many). Only about 5 of these are currently online , it would be good for users to be able to delete stations in their control from the database via the dashboard

Or, if deleting is not viable, some sort of “hide” function.

we will be expanding this functionality to take ian up on his suggestion:

  1. list all end-user’s stations to the left of the map, like in “members” page
  2. provide a toggle for each station making it visible or hidden
  3. where hidden will not show up on any map across all portal pages
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as for having so many shakes that the tabbed list under the map is unable to display all of them, this is a bug that will be fixed.

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