B location app issues

rying out the location app for the first time

  1. it would be useful to be able to choose stations from the map rather than the list
  2. the picking tool seems to give strange ranges for the event I tested (costa rica M4.8 event on AM.R83F4.EHZ.00 )
  3. can you either list what frequency filters correspond to local… regional etc or make the filter settings adjustable (like in eqinfo)
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hi paul,

thanks for the feedback. now that the locator app is “connected” to the portal, we expect it to get much more traffic, and, consquently, much constructive feedback, like yours. once the beta-testing period is complete, we will compile all the locator app comments together and, based on this, will put together a plan to expand on the current functionality and to have this implemented as quickly as possible.

please feel free to add any new ideas or insights you might have.