Asleep at tech support

No one is answering my questions for days not even stormchaser or Angel so how the hell am I supposed to purchase your products ?

Hello Len2,

it is a particularly busy period in the last days, so some delays are unfortunately being experienced by our users. We are sorry for that and we are endeavouring to give an answer to everyone.

Onto your question from your email, you asked “Can you recommend a laptop model best suited for your systems?”

Any laptop would suffice. Our Raspberry Shakes works independently, and a computer is only needed to see and elaborate the recorded data in ways that our ShakeNet App or our Web-based system doesn’t do.

All the software that can possibly be used (SWARM, jAmaSeis, RSUDP, and others) are not power-hungry nor particularly resource-hungry, so even an older model will manage do to the job.

For your second question: “Can I use a lower frequency geophone to lower the frequency response of the system?”

You would have to test the Shake with this new geophone, and see how it is performing in terms of the frequency response. Since there are many different brand/types of geophones available on the market, it would be a bit of a trial and error step-by-step process.

If you need anything else, I remain available.

Stormchaser, thanks so much ! Len