App crashing and forgetting credentials

I am still having issues with the App crashing, often 8-10 times per day, as well as random requests to re-enter my credentials and log back in. This is worse than in the past. Is it just me? I have reinstalled and done everything but talk tenderly to the App :slight_smile: Is there hope to fix this problem?


Hello K2PI,

Firstly, thank you for talking tenderly to the App, we know that it can be sensitive :smiley:

If you have reinstalled it we can be sure that you have the latest version (v1.3.3) that we have uploaded into our store. Personally, I am not experiencing these problems at all, but feedback is what makes our development team go forward, so could you give more specifications on how the crash happen (in a particular screen, like the eqmap, or the earthquake list…) and what were you doing/browsing on the App when the crashes occurred? Also, what phone brand/model are you using?

Onto the login issues, are they connected to these crashes (to say, that after a crash you have to login again) or are they a separate problem? Could you provide more insight on when these login disconnections happen?

Thank you very much for your time and collaboration!

These are random, but the crashes seem to occur most often on the eq list, when selecting an event after a refresh (manual pulldown). The loss of login credentials appears completely random.


Randomness is always a great enemy, but we now know a possible starting point to analyse these issues, thank you.

As in my previous message, what phone brand/model/OS are you using? If we know this it could be possible to do more detailed simulations on the described problems.

Iphone 12 pro. Thanks

Thank you K2PI,

I have passed all this to our App team, and they will look into it to try and see why these issues are happening. They will likely be fixed in the coming releases.

Thank you again for the feedback!

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