Any way to connect other sensors?

Now that the Jam has been discontinued, it there any way I can connect other sensors? I have several older passive seismometers that I’d like to have online for my hobby such as old Geotech s13, sl-110, sl-120.

August Johnson KG7BZ

Hello August,

I answer here for your other topic too, you can try to write to to see if we have some RJAMs still in our inventories. It may be that you are in luck and you will be able to purchase what you need.

Happy New Year!

I’ve already done that and unfortunately you sold the last ones about a week ago. That’s why I was asking here, hoping someone has some they are not using.


Ah, that’s a shame indeed.

Then, I hope that someone in the community will have some spare or a JAM that is not being used anymore.

If you have, contact August!

If I could get the circuit diagrams and the binary code for the processor on the board of the Jam, I’m fully capable of constructing my own, but I’m sure that’s not possible. I just hate it when very useful devices end up being discontinued with no way to replace them.