Announcing the passing of AM.RFB24

Hi All,

It is with deep sadness I announce the passing of AM.RFB24 in Miramar, Wellington New Zealand. Last night I discovered a rat had chewed the ethernet cable and this broke the seal on the box containing my PI, 1D and geophone. Unfortunately, our garage was flooded and everything was submerged. After cleaning and drying everything, the PI and 1D were not revived… But as luck would have it the geophone was mostly out of the water so is fine. The irritating thing is I was about to build my vault and had purchased an amour-plated outside ethernet cable to provide data and power :frowning: Oh well if the raspberry shake people are reading this - can I purchase just a 4D, might as well upgrade… is it the same geophone? I have a spare now!

Peter, ZL3TJ

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We are sorry to hear this Peter.

Yes on the upgrade and yes on the geophone being the same.

Please email me directly: sales at raspberryshake dot org to arrange a new unit.