An unusual request

Hello Community. Part of this message, maybe belongs somewhere else. Station
AM.R548A.00.SHZ is back on line.

I asked this request a couple of years back, with the fortune that some people replied. Can any of you shakers show an event from your device.? If I remenber it was Angel and Branden who gave me good info and settings (Filter) for noise (Swarm). To be fair, I have looked in the tutorial, however the events are so clean. Also other web sites .Was explained that the evnts on mine,even if there any are buried by noise.

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I rely on EQInfo app to notify me of distant events strong enough to show up here on my RS-1D. If they look good, I copy the page into my Google Drive. Here are share-links to a few of them (I have many more):


Let me know if any of these do not work (they all work for me of course)


Hi. These are awesome. May I ask what you used to get result? SWARM or other? And kindly the filter settings. This is what I am looking for…


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This is EQInfo, a free Android (and very soon iPhone) app made by our friends at Gempa Geoservices. The app is available for Android via the Play Store: