An unusual new way to combine hobbies


Completely new, and have had my R&S up a couple of days, and still learning. Today, I got the opportunity to capture something on both the Shake and Boom side that I thought was interesting. I was listening to something with headphones on, and completely missed a low Helicopter flyover till my youngest daughter tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I’d seen the large black helicopter. Intrigued, I opened up my Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADSB) system, which I have on another standalone RPi, and there was indeed a low flyby from a US Customs and Border Patrol Sikorsky S76B leaving the FBI facility about 20 miles from here:

That got me wondering what the Shake and Boom saw, and it appears I captured the flyover on both, and was able to extract some data from each showing the approach, flyover, and passing, including what I think are plots of doppler:

I think it’s pretty neat that I can combine both of these interests and derive interesting data within just a few days. The RShake is a great device! At the least, I know the signature of the S-76B now for the future!