An anomaly in the .AM db

I have S0CBB, a RS4D that was turned up in June of 2019. Initially when S0CBB was turned up I looked up R0CBB out of curiosity. I recall that it was located in South Africa.

About a month ago I purchased a RB that is now R9203 and is co-located with S0CBB.

I recently used the Shakenet Android app for the first time and saw that three devices are shown at my location: S0CBB, R9203, and R0CBB. The Shakenet app indicates that R0CBB is offline.

Looking at the .AM db records for S0CBB and R0CBB I see that they are identical. How did this happen and what is the resolution?

With the .AM db as it is right now, if I reimage the RPi known to me as S0CBB will it come up as R0CBB or S0CBB?

Thank you.

Hello ca249,

Yes, I can confirm that the station marked R0CBB on our ShakeNet was located in South Africa and is currently offline.

Regarding the data discrepancy that you have highlighted, I am not sure how this has happened, as our internal database still shows the two Shakes in two different (and distant) locations. I have opened a ticket for our App team to check, as the issue appears to be located there.

If you reimage your Shake (S0CBB), it will always come out as S0CBB again, as there is already an older record of an R0CBB Shake present in the database.

I will update you when I have news, and thanks for your notification about this!