Ambient noise tomography

Hello RS community,

I’ve a concern about the application of RS data for ambient noise tomography. Does anyone knows whether RS allows for ANT or not?

If not alternatively, could we use data for local earthquake topography?

Thank you all. Stay safe.

I know nothing about ANT, but I’ve tried doing a cross-correlation on two adjacent RShakes RC144 and RCD60, which are on the same latitude, but 27.5 km apart.
Here is the result for one day of record, where the the signals have been normalised wrt their standard deviations:

There’s a spike at 13 s, but its correlation is very small.
Is it meaningful?

Hello Tideman,

Thank you for this information. Nice to see cross-correlation between RS. I also see some papers where single component 10 Hz geophone is also used for ANT, and I hope we can do. @branden do you have additional idea on it? Thank you.