AM RDD02 Not showing up in StationView


My station is connected to server but it is not showing up in StationView.

I can not connect to TCP port 16032 for Swarm. Is that required for StationView?

I am attaching my most recent log files.

Thanks, BernieRSH.RDD02.2019-05-29T15_11_01.logs(1).tar (221.5 KB)

Hi Bernie,

Several units (including yours) are currently sending data but are not displayed on StationView. This is a server-side issue. We apologize for any inconvenience and are working to resolve this as quickly as possible.

No, that’s a separate service. Are you connecting using the Winston Wave Server protocol or something else?


I was looking at the Firewall issues in System administration topics to see if that was the problem with StationView.

I was using telnet to connect to on TCP port 16032. It says you need to be able to do this to use Swarm. I have not installed Swarm yet so do not really know much about it.

There was a good event from El Salvador today so now I will try to download the data for this event and see if my RS recorded it. It not show up on helicorder but I am hoping is is there somewhere after filtering.


I see now. I thought you were testing the port of your own unit, which would be 16032. The community server details are:

Thanks. I will stat playing with Swarm and my own programs using the ObsPy package.

Again, Thanks.

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Thanks. Everything looks good so far.