AM.R66F4.00.E - not on Station View

Received email notification of 3+ days offline.
Station AM.R66F4.00.E power supply failed, causing SD card corruption. Got it all working again this afternoon, however, not seeing anything coming up in Station View as of yet.

Thank you!

Good morning:

Did you buy the power supply and microSD card from Raspberry Shake?

We are looking into why you do not appear on stationView to see if it is tied to the know bug we are hunting down.

Yours, Branden

No Brandon, the power supply was marked JR-520-IC and the SD was a SanDisk Ultra 32GB.

Before rebuilding, I used tcpdump and the device was sending a steady stream of data. We have had a lot of storms here and I looked over the logs and there were several low PS voltage alerts (not during the bad weather). I then removed the SD and ran fsck and there were a lot of errors. Decided to just replace the PS and SD and start from a fresh image.

Is there any packet based rate limiting at the servers? The Shake 3D is creating quite a stream of data.

Thank you, Branden!

Some recommendations for the future:

Power: You might consider a UPS to protect the Shake from electrical inconsistencies and bridge short power outages. Be sure to get your hands on a 5V supply that gives 2.5 Amps and not the 2 Amps that are standard for cell phone chargers.

MicroSD: I bet that the SanDisk Ultra 32GB was a TLC solution.

There is not. But we plan to convert the streaming output to binary sometime in the future (no firm date) which will reduce bandwidth.




Thanks, Branden! Appreciate all the recommendations to keep it operational - UPS on the way.