Account Registration Issues (Email Confirmation Limbo?)


I have having some issues accessing an account I tried to create in March of 2022. Today when I try to create an account using the same email, it says the email/username are already in use. When I try to click forgot password it says the account doesn’t exist. I am wondering if I am in a limbo since I didn’t confirm my email back in 2022, and when I try to confirm it now through the email it just says “Error: Sorry, there was an error”

I am wondering how to get into that account since it is my work account (this one is a personal one)

Hello jthead2, and welcome to the community!

Please send me the email you are trying to access via Private Message (so we can keep the conversation private), and we’ll see what can be done to reactivate that account.

What you have described is a possibility regarding what could have happened, but it is possible our team can help.

Thank you.