Accessing data from 2018 using SWARM


I am trying to access data from 2018 using SWARM (same data that I accessed in the past), and I can’t access it: “The server returned no helicorder data.”

Is data not archived that far back, or is this a temporary problem?
(I read from a previous post that we can access all of the historical data back to November, 2016.)


~ Alan

P.S. The specific data I tried this with is shown in the attached figure. I tried it for RCABD.

Has anybody else here encountered this problem with accessing past data and resolved it?

Another method is to retrieve the .mseed file from FDSN and read that in SWARM.

When I tried that it only went back to early 2019 - couldn’t see any data from 2018.

Maybe wasn’t getting the FDSN data correctly…

Any suggestions for how to do that?

See my post in Past Events posting on this sub forum.


I tried something like that with ObsPy/Python, and could get 2019 data, but couldn’t get 2018 data, but I will experiment with what is at your post.

You’re right.
I can’t get 2018 data either.
But I used to be able to…

I suspect that Ian is going to have a solution :slight_smile:

In fact, I can’t get data before Mar 2019.

I also can’t get data before Mar 2019.

Maybe the old data get archived into a different place…

I remember, at some point, seeing something from Ian about older data being archived in a different place…

Indeed, older data is being periodically archived offline due to the data load. We are in the midst of upgrading the server structure and storage so that all data is available, but it’s quite a process as you might imagine. As TideMan says, the current archival limit is somewhere around 8 months back. I should be receiving clarification of this limit sometime in the next few days.

Thanks for the update, Ian :slight_smile:


I’ve been archiving the daily mseed files from my 3 devices from day 1.
I considered stopping that, since I could always retrieve the data from FDSN.
But the info that old data are not available (at present) persuades me to continue archiving.