Accessing configuration and status information via ssh?

Is there a documented way to run the the commands to execute actions/display settings available in the web interface such as connection status from an SSH login?

The web app appears to be a python flask app, but oddly I can’t find half the commands available in the web interface, they seem to be missing from or any imported libs - it also appears there’s a complex web of proxy servers running gunicorn presumably being served out of docker. I’m not familiar with docker at all… some hints about what’s where would be much appreciated!



Hello Balthasar,

The API for our inner OS workings is not public and is not published. Could you provide more details on what you want to achieve and why this is relevant to your use-case? In this way, we may be able to give you more details and be more helpful, since we will be more focused on the situation.

For now, I can suggest to use the command 'myShake(by executing it from the unit's command line, after SSHing into it), and then have a look at the output file in/opt/log` - maybe the information that you are looking for is already there?

Thank you!

Thank you - that produces the desired output, I think. I just needed a command line way to see if the shake is connected to your network, looks like that’s in log/myshake.out:

Data-Sharing Mode : ON
Data Server Conn : ON

My devices are remote on slow/marginal signal mobile data connections. I’m running autossh on them with a reverse SSH setup so I can always ssh into them. Web interface is not useful in that instance (although it could technically be done over several port forwarding links, but that’s not worth the hassle).

Now all I need is a way to start/stop the data sharing.

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you can use the program rsh-data-forward from the command line to turn data forwarding ON and OFF.

execute without parameters for usage:

myshake@raspberryshake:/opt $ rsh-data-forward
Turn data-forwarding ON or OFF
usage: rsh-data-forward [ ON | OFF ]

R----: Data Forwarding is currently ON
myshake@raspberryshake:/opt $