A more generic input into board, purchase board without geophones

I asked the question if the “Shake” was available without the geophones, and received the answer that no, there are no modifications available to the specific, current models. I have many geophones here that meet the specifications for use with the Shake, but have to pay the added cost of the included geophones. I think that you can see where I’m going with this as I have been involved with seismology in that past, have knowledge and resources, and would like to try a Raspberry Shake, but can’t justify paying for things that I already have. I have force-balance seismometers that I would like to try hooking up to the board, and that would entail me making modifications to the board. Seismologists are special people who “make it work” with whatever they have. Are you considering a professional board, maybe for professionals who would want to incorporate their oun instruments into the system? I do understand that this is a privetly owned company, and, well, have achieved a wonderful goal of bringing seismology to the “masses”.

Hello jdp3, and welcome to the community!

Thank you for reaching out with your inquiry.

We understand your position and the fact that you would be purchasing additional components you already possess. Our current model(s) of the Raspberry Shake is(are) designed as a fully integrated solution, tailored to ensure consistency, reliability, and user ease without the need for modifications. At this time, our products do not support the integration of external seismometers or sensors not included in the package.

We appreciate your suggestion for a professional board that could accommodate external instruments. While we currently do not offer such a product, I’ve forwarded your feedback to our team, as suggestions like this one are always important to us.

Thank you again for taking the time to write to us. For anything else, we remain available.

We would like to use the 3C geophones in a 100m well.
Were can we adjust the sensor parameters to account for the increased resistance etc? Is there a config file somewhere?

Hello Hama, and welcome to the community!

As you have imagined, that wire length would quite surely introduce many measurable resistive losses, which would, in turn, be noticeable as a loss of sensitivity. Also, that length will cause definite geophone signal degradation, as any distance between the board and the sensor above 20cm or so will see the connecting cables start to act as independent antennas, and capture many unwanted signals.

We recommend not exceeding that distance, and, when (if) possible, put the entire Shake equipment as close as you can to the area that you are interested in investigating. In that case, it would be at the bottom of the well you have mentioned.