A "mean" thing to do to frequency domain plots

It seems that dataview.raspberryshake.org has changed. It doesn’t seem to work on my newer browser, but does on my old one, that’s a separate issue.

I see there’s a new button, “toggle demeaning.” It appears to allow things to display my shake’s average motion as 0 m/s. Nice to see that crustal deformation is not as high as it appeared before. :slight_smile: That’s a separate issue too.

I was looking at something today and switched to the spectrogram view and was greeted with a scale that runs from -25 Hz to +25 Hz. I have an EE degree, so negative frequencies don’t freak me out, but after looking at it for a bit it just didn’t look right and wasn’t as symmetric as I expected.

Then it dawned on me - the web app had demeaning off and had shifted the normal 0-50 Hz to have a 0 center frequency! Turning demeaning on (EEs have to deal with negative logic all the time too) restored the old, sensible display.

Oops. Cute, but please fix!

Hello RicWerme,

Thank you for pointing this out! It is quite interesting because I tried to replicate the issue with my browser, and one does what you experienced, while another does not.

Anyway, I have opened a ticket for our software team, and they will take care of it.

Thank you again!

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