A few questions from a new owner

I’ve recently received my new Raspberry Shake 4D and Raspberry BOOM. The web based configuration is a little weird for me; but I understand it’s more friendly for many.

Since updates are centrally controlled, I’m not sure what I am allowed to change vs. what might screw up updates.

  1. May I change the name of the computer (both named raspberryshake isn’t great)?

  2. May I add jkline as a user? Do I need to keep the myshake user around?

  3. May I add a password for root?

  4. Do I really need to keep the Timezone as UTC? The clock is UTC regardless of the Timezone.

  5. Is it OK to just change the settings under /opt/settings/config and reboot? The web configuration is rather painful and save and restart doesn’t restart for me.

  6. Speaking of those settings, although not in the web configuration, there is place for country in /opt/settings/config/config.json. It currently says N/A. Should I fill that in? What is it expecting for USA? Perhaps “USA”?

Hi @jkline, welcome to the community. Our software is designed for ease of use by citizen scientists, educators, and academic field operations, so the web interface makes sense for a lot of use cases. I’m not sure what your background is but it sounds like you are very comfortable in a Linux environment. Awesome, the more the merrier. However, while we encourage DIY solutions, there is generally no need to change any of the OS internals except the default password, and doing so may have unintended consequences. Here are some specific answers to your questions:

  1. Sure, although as you may have noticed the Bonjour host name rs is not controlled by /etc/hostname, which is raspberryshake by default.
  2. Yes, you can add jkline as a user, but if you delete the myshake user bad things will happen.
  3. Yes, although I don’t think the root user has any privileges in our OS.
  4. UTC is the standard across all of seismology. Therefore the clock should always remain in UTC. However I think you can change the timezone and localization without any issues.
  5. I think this is ok as long as the settings you change can be interpreted by the data read program. If they can’t, they’re generally ignored or reverted to default.
  6. You may set this as “US” I think but I’m not sure it will have any effect.

If you ever run into a problem you can always re-burn the SD card. (Our sincere apologies for sending you a blank one, by the way! That’s the first one we’ve heard of in two and a half years of operation)