4D Relocation - size of the plastic anchor for the screw

When my Raspberry Shake 4D SD card failed after 3 years and too many pull the plug without shutting it down properly I decided it would also be a good time to relocate it. I was wondering what size plastic anchor I should use in my concrete floor? What does the 4D originally come with? It appears I might have used a 5/32 bit to drill the original hole.

Hello LRBinMT,

I am not quite sure of what plastic anchor we are discussing. All our Shakes are positioned with levelling screws that have the following characteristics:

M5-0.8 X 25mm, DIN 914, Metric, Hex Socket Set Screws, Cone Point, A2 Stainless Steel

If this info is not what you needed, can you please give me a further description of the piece you have in mind?

Maybe the new 4D’s don’t come with the screw that has the spring on it. But in this video the spring and plastic is in the upper left of the board at the beginning. And at 4:45 the screw is talked about.

Ah, perfect, thank you for the reference!

That screw is still there, I misunderstood what you were asking, and these are its technical characteristics:

#8-15 x 1-1/2" Phillips Drive Pan Head x RS4D base locking


while these are the specifics of the spring, if needed:

Item # K345-134-268-M, Conical Compression Spring

Conical compression spring.pdf (46.6 KB)

In the end, you can use even a generic screw, the important thing is that its head is larger than the smaller portion of the securing hole in the plastic assembly, and to not tighten it too much.

If you need anything else, just let me know!